The Upper Left: The Great PNW

The Upper Left: The Great PNW

I was born in the Pacific Northwest. It is in my blood; the forests, raging waters, the best hikes, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, the beautiful adventures that can be done on hiking trips. This short was shot in one hour – a self imposed limitation.

My son and I took a quick hike in scenic North Idaho. It was my way of passing on to him the Idaho wilderness beauty. He was a real trooper as we got into some thick rocky areas with cliffs, rock climbers, and plunging trails. Not bad for a 5 year old.

If you haven’t visited the great PNW, it is worth a visit.  Plenty of landscapes from forests, deserts, and farmland.  There is lots of space, peace and quiet, and quick access to nature from all major cities.

My greatest memories are growing up in an area with 7 lakes within 1 hrs drive, 5 snow ski mountains within 2 hrs drive, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, hiking, and tons of other outdoor possibilities.  Camping was a staple of my childhood.  Year round, even in the snow, we’d camp.  These memories are more valuable to me than most and they all occurred within the PWN.

While shooting this short film, I happened upon a group of teens smoking pot in the woods.  The looks on their faces as a running bald guy with a backpack full of camera gear holding an upside-down glidecam burst upon them and then cruzed by was priceless.  They all looked like it was a strangest thing they’d ever seen!  Just to make them further wonder, I yelled out “Giddy Up Silver!”.  I do enjoy messing with people like that.

So, without further delay, watch and enjoy a quick look at the Pacific North best!

Enjoy this cinematic sequence of what life is like in The Upper Left of the United States.

Location: Q’emiln Park, Post Falls, ID

Cheers – Mark

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