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Flat Lay Drone Photography & Timelapse

This past Thursday, I woke up with an audacious goal in mind – Flat Lay Drone Photography.  You see, I want a flat lay photograph and a timelapse for Instagram of a teardrop camp trailer build.  But the scale is so much larger than most flat lay photography I hadn’t figured out how to shoot …

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Repair Corrupt DJI Video Files for FREE!

So I just got back from a family vacation to the beautiful Mt. Rainier National Park, only to find that some of my DJI drone stock video files are corrupted. Grrr…. Of course, the shots that I remember being the best are the ones that need a DJI File recovery tool, expert, exorcist, or wizard. …

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The Upper Left: The Great PNW

I was born in the Pacific Northwest. It is in my blood; the forests, raging waters, the best hikes, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, the beautiful adventures that can be done on hiking trips. This short was shot in one hour – a self imposed limitation. My son and I took a quick hike in scenic North …

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Glidecam on Snowshoes: An experience in Winter Film Making

  I am no stranger to using sports gear in film making.  I’m a SCUBA diver who has shot commercially underwater in the company of a Netflix and IMAX director, award winning photographers, and others.  I also enjoy winter sports.  I enjoy my glidecam HD-2000.  Thus was born GLIDECAM SPORTS.  Ok basically, putting snowshoes together …

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“Bumps” – By Gumshen

Braxos just finished working with Seattle-based band Gumshen.  This project was a great blend of work between an animator and Braxos. The video was shot by projecting animation through a digital projector, the only source of light, projected onto the band.  Then we took animations and generated SFX and overlaid that on the footage.  Colorized, …

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White House Renovations Impact the Film Industry

The White House announced that the long planned plant upgrades were completed today.  As part of the press release, they published pictures of the refreshed facility.  Of course a renovation like this doesn’t occur in a matter of months, there is a lot of planning that goes into updating the appearance of the building but …

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